Only in The Crew do you have the chance to drive off circuit, zoom past the gates, hit the highway, and then drive all the way to the other side of the country.


    The words Ridge Racer will have you split a room of racing fans in half

  • Battlefield Hardline Review

    There is no doubt that a good battlefield game will allow players to have their choice of character class...

  • Watch Dogs Review

    Watch Dogs is an open world game that lets you hack pretty much everything in an open world simulation of Chicago.

  • Need for Speed Rivals Review

    Putting together the developers from Ghost Games and Criterion and tasking them to create an NFS title will yield predictably fun results.

  • Fast and Furious Legacy Review

    If you are a looking for an interesting and decent racing game on the mobile and do not mind dealing with a few ‘freemium’ hijinks, then Fast and Furious: Legacy is not a bad title to add to your lineup of mobile games.

  • Asphalt Overdrive Review

    Take to the streets of the 80’s as you drive down sunny Miami.Oh, and you also have to avoid plenty of same lane traffic, get away from the cops, and perform some pretty quick ramp jumps along the way.

  • Ridge Racer Slipstream Review

    The mobile platform is a particularly tricky thing to port games to –especially when you have titles with mechanics that have been tweaked specifically for controller based console systems.

  • CSR Classics Review

    Can a Plymouth Road Runner beat a Lancia Stratos in a straight race? Regardless of how people decide to answer that question, you can be the one to determine the real answer in CSR Classics.

  • CSR Racing Review

    CSR Racing is a free to play racing game on the mobile phone with IAP’s –the cool thing is that despite that very freemium formula that goes with the game, this is actually quite interesting and fun to play.