Battlefield Hardline Brings a Battle-Worthy Driving System

Sometimes, just being able to perform impressive drifts and explosive takedowns is not enough. There are times when you want to pop a few sticks of dynamite unto the hood, ram that car right up your target's van, then run away before making it all go boom. That is exactly the kind of gaming experience that players should expect to get from Battlefield Hardline, the latest game in the series of action packed, multiplayer-focused, FPS titles. Of course, beyond the interesting campaign and FPs mechanics, what we are really here for is the amazing car combat mechanics.

Battlefield Hardline

What is Battlefield Hardline?

BF HL is a 2015 action shooter game developed by EA DICE and Visceral Games. Carrying on with the Battlefield series, it continues the legacy of large-scale combat engagements with both single and multiplayer play options. The series is known for its variety and dynamic gameplay –this is mostly thanks to the fact that players have the option to choose from several spawnpoints, various classes, and the ability to find vehicles to use in the field. Unlike the other games before it however, Hardline no longer uses the usual military-themed approach. BF HL sets itself in an urban environment and focuses on battles between law enforcers and various criminal elements. The result is a Battlefield game where you spawn into the field not expecting to see tanks and artillery units, but instead, you can access a wide range of SUVs, cruisers, armored trucks, and various other vehicles that are well adapted to the concrete jungle.

This is where the whole driving thing fits into the game. With the urban based environment the game's single player campaign puts you into car chases –allowing you to see the action both as a driver or as an active passenger (who concentrates on shooting instead of driving), something which is very different in feel and approach when done with really fast cars and busy city streets.

Multiplayer is even more varied, allowing players access to a wide range of automotive vehicles (as well as combat helicopters too, but that's not our topic here) ranging from those used by law enforcement to ones that are civilian in nature.

Good Handling

The cars drive incredibly well, and while there is a bit of time needed for absolute mastery, getting from point A to point B fast is something you can expect to do well within your first hours of the game. After a bit of experience, you can expect to be able to bum rush a vehicle into a group of enemy targets, run over a few, quickly pop out of the car to fire some well-placed shots, and then be back behind the steering wheel before they start shooting back. It is all seamless and enjoyable fun made accessible and easy by the intuitive controls and fast paced combat.

The best part about the driving mechanics in this game is that each vehicle has its own unique handling quirks –this makes riding different cars actually feel like you are riding different vehicles. The big downside is that most of the cars do have a slightly generic brandless feel to them.

Battlefield Hardline

Great Sights and Sounds

Regardless of which of the game's 5 modes you will be playing, you can expect that the experience of being in BF Hardline will certainly be a great eyefest. The visuals and animation feel incredibly lifelike at an incredible nonstop 60 FPS –this is a great thing whether you are on foot and shooting down targets or burning rubber across the roads. The game does look a lot better on the PS4 than it does on the Xbox One however, since the PS4 release has a slightly better resolution of 900p compared to the other system's humble 720p.

Remember to Go Online

If you are looking for a good combat game that actually gives respect to the presence of cars and other vehicles, then Battlefield Hardline is the best title that fits the bill. The cars are well made, the controls are sensible, and seeing every little element (good weapon balance, great car handling, interesting character options) being put together into a single cohesive game experience is something that no player should miss out on. But while the single player campaign provides a substantially decent amount of play (it takes well under just 10 hours to finish it), the real fun is to be found in the multiplayer mode of the game.